The Classics Inspire Us,

Fidelity Drives Us,

Analog Lives On.

Vintage inspired in every sense, our high end audio designs pay homage to the craftsmanship of the “Golden era” of Audio. To manufacture products that captivate the design appeal of the high end classics. Balanced and Precise linear analog builds that encompass the excellence of the great vintage era of audio.

Designed, Engineered and built by hand in Canada.


about us

“In a pursuit where technology is meant to serve the art, abandoning linear analog designs in the modern era makes no more sense than abandoning oil paints in the age of acrylics. And for us at least, the pursuit of superior sound reproduction starts in its simplest form. Components of the highest quality, presented within a pure high fidelity design without compromise.” 

This is our designing platform – these are our products.


Our exceptionally Precise line of Loudspeakers deliver linear analog transparent sound.

True to the Golden era greats this studio quality design encompasses the full fidelity each and every audiophile seeks in their sound rooms.

       Two-way, bass-reflex, stand-mount speakers

      8 Ohm Nominal Impedance

40Hz – 20kHz frequency range

90db Sensitivity

3/4″ soft dome tweeter with extra large Ferrite magnet

8″ Mid-Bass Classic paper cone – hand built – high power capabilities

Acoustically Isolated, engineered Enclosures are tuned with English scoured Sheep Wool resonance  reduction material

Passive VSL analog crossover w/high grade Film Capacitors & Air Core Inductors

High Density Cabinets – Signature Walnut Louvers

Gold Plated 3 way binding connectors

Footprint – 17.5″ x 10″ x 10.75″

VSL 24″ optional black Stands w/wire conceal & coupling spikes

Why manufacture vintage inspired products? 

 the best vintage gear offered large amounts of musically agreeable qualities that are missing from some of the best contemporary gear today. Those qualities may or may not be crucial to your enjoyment of recorded music and yet for some of us, the characteristics associated with vintage gear are precisely the things we seek in today's builds. Consider that there are contemporary phono products that offer at least some of the presence and drive of their vintage counterparts. Yet when it comes to loudspeakers and amplifiers, there are precious few modern examples that approximate the characteristic strengths of their predecessors, and very few that meet or exceed them. 


So for some of us, the question becomes, why not vintage? Abandoning the sound wave considered cabinets and the horns of yesterday.  The same now applies with poor musical quality, in lower grade classes of amplification. With many shortcuts readily used, such as ICs and OP amp implementation, it again leaves these designs inhibited from delivering a high quality signal to the listener. In a pursuit where technology is meant to serve art, it’s never wise to limit one’s choices. And for us at least, the pursuit of ultimate sound reproduction remains our engineering platform. 

Engineered to the highest levels, our analog designs encompass the precise linear sounds of the “golden era” of audio. Delivering an uninhibited signal path in all aspects of our builds comes first. Our products are engineered and developed for several years before they are launched. We meticulously hand build from the ground up.

Our exclusive production & demo facility is, located in Muskoka Canada, produces every single unit. From design, prototyping, through lab testing we have always maintained our pure mandate.

We welcome you to Vitums Sound Labs and hope you enjoy our Analog experience in sound

hear the VSL Difference


The Classics Inspire Us, Fidelity Drives Us, Analog Lives On.


Art Meets Art

New Hampshire Artist Christopher Myott's painting of theFusion Full Range

Visit us at our  Production Location and Demo our line of Audio products.

Browse our large selection of Vinyl Records and find rare Jazz and Classic Rock pressings.


A Connoisseur of fine Cigars perhaps?

Pick out your favorite Cigars from our Humidor.

We are Launching our Full Range Speakers in the coming months. A Classic design that is the world's first true tractrix full range in this format

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The acoustically independent suspended cabinets, reduce the inter-modulation effect of the bass excursion travel to the treble-driver chassis. Thus isolating cabinet resonance to its respective frequency, rather than an all in one approach that is widely used.

Recent listeners proclaimed, “the warmest mids I’ve heard”and “it’s as if the artist was in the room”. “So much detail”. 

Another complimented that “they have an incredible sound stage with remarkable imaging”. 

From the natural Walnut to the finest English Herdwick Sheep’s wool dampening, the Fusion stand-mount speaker truly is a “fusion” of high grade elements. Little brother to the Fusion Full Range Floor standing Loudspeaker, this pure classic leaves nothing on the table. Built with same attention to detail you will find it’s presentation

remarkably precise for it’s size. 

Our loudspeaker’s have been in development for years, meticulously engineered to the last detail, and entirely built by hand in Canada. Built with the purist in mind. Hear the difference in our designs.

Engineered & Hand built in Canada


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