The BALA Stand-Mount Speakers

It has been a year of great feedback and developing new clients. The stand mount BALA speakers have incredible fidelity and it shows in demo after demo.

Fusion Studio Monitors

When asked what genre of music are they for it's easy to answer all types but they do thrive in Jazz and Fusion listening. Interestingly enough! No the name came first, we swear. Without a doubt they love to sing with power and deliver analog like you have never heard before.

Some great demo recordings are...

Steely Dan - Gaucho ( SACD release and half speed vinyl masters ) 1982

Snarky Puppy - We Like it Here ( vinyl original release ) 2014

Dave Brubeck - Take Five ( Japan Sony CD and half speed Vinyl pressings ) 1959

The clarity and punch they deliver on these keeps you wanting more. The feeling that you need to hear more is what makes a great speaker great!

Drive these speakers with ease... Analog preferred or at least a class AB switching Topology is best suited to them. At 8ohms its not hard to hear all you've been missing in your recordings.


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