In a Class all on it's own!

Our three years of development has come to fruition. The Rosseau speaker like none in its class.

A full range Horn loaded, bass reflex loudspeaker.

The Rosseau speakers incorporate the classic point to point crossover design utilizing the highest quality components we are able to produce. All this partners with pure hand built drivers. Our tractrix Horn is engineered to deliver the purest voices you have ever heard from a speaker - ever!

A proprietary design this unconventionally engineered Horn system has breathtaking performance. Ultra linear flat response and truly transparent it will pull you forward from your seat. It's that good! At 96db sensitivity they easily perform for a wide array of amplifiers. Flat frequency response from 20Hz - 100khz leaves nothing on the table. In it's architecture our birch wood bracing and isolated driver enclosures ensure pure non-intermodudulating signals are delivered, precisely and with the purest clarity. Something we always strive for is to give the listener the truest live sounding performance from their recordings. Hear elements in recordings you have listened to for years yet didn't know was there. All of this technology pays homage to the "Golden Era' of sound. Analog bliss. This truly is the last speaker you will ever need or want. Analog Lives On.

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