Top Audiophile Vinyl picks from our Collection

If you are looking to put together the best sounding vinyl records ever mastered then check out Vintage Sound Lab's collection favorites. Chosen for their high fidelity and ability to give you the ultimate sound from your system or high end headphones.

Genre was not really a factor. Sound quality was! Here is our ten best that we spin for client demos each and every time. Buy master quality download files or get the original pressings to add to your collection of great audio.


This Canadian artist release had a #1 single and is truly ear candy. His sixth studio album with incredible fidelity. From one side the other you will be on the edge of your seat engaged in incredible 70s groove sounds. Production that is second to none puts it in our collection of favorites. Most noteworthy is his brother Joe on keys.

STEELY DAN - GAUCHO - (Released (1980)

I hope this one's a new experience for you although its quality never gets old. The album that changed this editor's life. I couldn't believe what my ears were hearing. Butter! Check out My Rival as well as the other great sounds on this LP. Again, early original pressings are best. The Japan pressings for this one are purity as well.


No words... I mean what could we say?

Melody Gardot - My One and Only Thrill - (Released 2009)

Sultry, haunting jazz voice that captivates any high end speaker. Make sure the kids have left and turn this one way up. On our system you can hear the inhales between verses. Such a well recorded LP. One that you will likely love to play over and over.


I heard a rumor that George Benson lent Mark this guitar to record his impressive debut album. It makes sense when you hear the tone of this amazing LP. Give your system a good Jazz workout with the tonal perfection of this great collection of songs from Mark. Vinyl is best as we found the CD a bit harsher in the highs.


This LP is groove at it's best. Brazilian keyboardist Emiur kills it old school with some great talent along side. Stanley Clarke on bass sets it all in motion. Great from front to back or 0.00 to 39.00min depending on what your source player is. It should be vinyl... just sayin.'

JEFF BECK - LOUD HAILER - (Released 2016)

Yes we could have noted Blow by Blow lp here but if you don't ttry this one you won't understand why we didn't. Its all classic Beck riffing and could easily have been the sequel album to the classic. Teaming up with two great girls of rock with Rose Bones smoking out vocals like its a Saturday night club fest. I mean can there be a cooler spin for Beck to jump back into? Again this LP's fidelity easily makes our list. Be prepared and crank it up!


Before he was a movie Soundtrack guru James and his buddies from Toto collaborated in Sheffield Labs to produce this epic synth war limited edition pressing. Direct to disk, this is an 80s masterpiece. Rare on vinyl but do hunt for it as it won't disappoint. Best on vinyl but we do run the 24bit CD master version as well. Enjoy this one!

VIRGIL DONATI - ICELAND - (Released 2013)

An extremely prolific drummer, Virgil shows where his roots are in this blistering album. Mixed to perfection this one leaves you wanting more. A mix of Jazz fusion and arena rock it is like being a kid and growing up. All within 6:33 of a song! Turn up the track Iceland and prepare to smile from ear to ear!


We couldn't compile this list without the presence of the great John Coltrane. Impeccably played and recorded. This mono great is the reason Jazz is alive today. Often emulated but rarely achieved - improvising with such ease and flow it's like a river of music. In mono recordings its the tone and depth that get us every time. Imaging is not from the speakers but from the room acoustics and size leaving your audio brain to fill in the rest.

Give the gift of music friends! Acquire great audio gear and wonderfully mastered recordings and head down the road that these amazing artists and technicians took.


J. Vitums