Excellence has Arrived!

The Rosseau

F U L L  R A N G E  H O R N  L O U D S P E A K E R

Our incredible Full Range loudspeaker The Rosseau.

Engineered to outperform anything in its Class.

A linear, precise horn loudspeaker. Our horn delivery is engineered like no other speaker.

Most, if not all manufacturers utilize compression drivers to load their horns. We do not. We find compression drivers characteristics to be non-musical sounding. In fact they inherently carry their own distinct sound signature which truly impedes a natural transparent delivery. Marry our unique technology with the finest hand made true ribbon tweeters and radial coil cooling 18" woofers. You simply have the best possible linear sound delivery available today. With the excellent (spl) sensitivity of our horn, amplifiers with low output power can even achieve incredible sound.

Hear our design and decide for yourself what is natural and musical and as close to a live performance as you can get.

With breathtaking precision and clarity the Rosseau is truly the last loudspeaker you will ever need to own and without question the most uniquely engineered one.

Specifications below